“Drug warrior Jason Grellner accidentally makes a great point.”

Jason Grellner, current Vice President of National Narcotics Officers Association and Past-President of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association, is an entrenched Drug Warrior who works for Franklin County Sheriff’s Office as it’s Unit Commander of Franklin County Narcotics and lobbyist who testifies at hearings and publicly speaks for maintaining cannabis prohibition in his spare time, asks a lot of questions in this clip and at the same time he inadvertently makes a great argument for legalizing cannabis.

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Semantics Break-Up Cannabis Legalization Efforts

I’ve seen a number of post over the last few months in which people say they do not favor ‘legalization,’ instead they want to ‘repeal prohibition.’ To add to this, folks who suggest that to ‘repeal prohibition’ is the only true means to set the plant and its consumers free, while ‘legalization’ is just a capitalist trap. Continue reading

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Overall Good Arguments for Marijuana Legalization Sullied by Ronald Reagan Quote

I just finished reading an article online titled “Escalate the War on Drugs? A Conservative Response” written by conservative author, Howard Rahtz.

In this article Rahtz offers several good points relating to a 10th Amendment argument for state rights to legalize marijuana, a counter argument to the America is Bound by International Treaties argument, and how the War on Drugs has failed to achieve the goals set out for it by prohibitionists. Continue reading

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Snack for Thought: Seeing Past Cannabis Legalization

I look forward to the day when cannabis activists, advocates, and ambassadors no long need waste their time fighting the ultimately futile, waywardly destructive and willfully inhumane policies of cannabis prohibition so that these worldly-wise, intensely passionate, and steadfastly earnest human beings may then focus on the actual and serious threats facing humanity instead of these inanely needless policies.

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Blunt Reply To The Marijuana Question

[Editor’s Note: This is an alternate, extended version of the article ‘TriXteR Phillips answers DJ Lux’s blunt question about legalizing marijuana in Missouri’ and the original final draft of the article ‘Rhetorical Question: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? published to Ladybud.]

The Question

The internet, from entertainment personalities, to politicians, to news outlets, to blogs, social websites and beyond, is ablaze with a provocative question that’s hot on everyone’s lips.

Should marijuana be legal? Continue reading

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TriXteR Phillips answers DJ Lux’s blunt question about legalizing marijuana in Missouri

Lux’s Question.

Lux, a well-known DJ for Saint Louis radio station 105.7 The Point, posted the following to her Facebook wall.

“Colorado [legalized marijuana for adult recreational use]…should we? Mayor Slay wants to know….whatever your stance take 5 min to complete the poll!”

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Ken Unger: A Year After Victory

November 13, 2013 marks the one-year anniversary since Ken Unger, my friend and hero, won his two-year, two-month legal battle against the draconian criminal justice system that enforces the failed and futile laws of cannabis prohibition. Continue reading

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