Steve Elliot Viciously Wars on Cannabis Patients Through His Toke of the Town Might

Steve Elliot, editor of the online publication Toke of the Town, uses his journalistic might to wage an all-out war on cannabis patients and activists in a megalomaniacal tirade over a benign comment on Facebook about his and Warren Edson’s behavior since the release of comments about the medical marijuana industry made by Allen St. Pierre of NORML last month.

Steve Elliot, head of psychological black ops at Toke of the Town, started this over the one of the victims Facebook wall post that stated the target of this attack is working a table at the Denver Cannabis Cup, which his partner in this crime, Warren Edson, took over with spam. Warren Edson decided to use this as an opportunity to spread the hate and angst he feels over Allen St. Pierre’s previous and unrelated comments.

Steve Elliot’s, chief inquisitor at Toke of the Town, partner in this insidious debacle Warren Edson posted for well over an hour, verging on two, in an attempt to start an argument over NOMRLs participation in the cup. The prey made few remarks one of which included a remark about Edison’s and Elliot’s actions are doing more harm to the movement than the DOJ could

Steve Elliot went so far as to photo edit the comment string to only include the sufferers post and Steve Elliot’s hate speech, leaving out his partner in this crime, Warren Edson’s, incendiary comments that went on endlessly and had nothing to do with the targets original posting about working a table at the High Times Cannabis Cup. I am inclined to agree with the comment about these two in light of this psychotic outburst and ego driven diatribe, which, is over the opinion expressed in the comment made by the victim. Again, the individual attacked and Steve Elliot’s comments where the only ones added to falsified graphic which intentionally excluded any relevant context. The fallacious image that Elliot posted to his personal wall and to other Facebook walls, by him, was a clear attempt to get those on his friends list and his fans to lash out against the target of Elliot’s malice.

Here is Steve Elliot’s, head executioner of Toke of the Town, reply preceded by the entirety of the victims comment with the victim’s name withheld to protect the innocent (unfortunately I have not been able to locate his wall posting):

**Ten comments occurred, mostly by Warren Edson, before the victims posting that follows at 11:09 AM on Friday February 17, 2012**

Name Witheld: the drug warriors are laughing at u folks cause ya all can’t see4 that this infighting is hurting the movement… the bigger picture is that by furthering this debate you are helping the drug warriors…. you and steve eliot have done more to hurt the movement then the DOJ… you’re doing the DOJ’s work for them….

**28 Comments, mostly by Warren Edson, posted before Steve Elliot, lead persecutor for Toke of the Town made the following comment at 9:28 PM on Friday February 17, 2012:

Steve Elliott: (Name Withheld), saying that I’ve “done more to hurt the movement that the DOJ” is a stupid and hurtful thing to say.

Talk about “divisiveness,” ironic that you pretend you would *never* do such a thing. LOL.

That’s OK, I have a long memory.

You seem to lack the mental acumen to distinguish between “infighting” and refusing to accept everything certain people in the movement tell us as gospel truth. There is a big difference, but based on your comments in this thread, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to understand something so complicated.

Steve Elliot, head of counter-cannabis law reform for Toke of the Town, obviously took this comment out of context to give him reason to justify his childish temper tantrum and his atrocious behavior that continues to persist on Sunday February 19 2012 as described in the following portion of this story.

Steve Elliot, chief propagandist at Toke of the Town, then turned on another cannabis patient activist who commented on the subject matter of the original posting congratulating the first victim on their accomplishment. He tagged the next object of his lunacy telling her to share his falsified graphic with her “hero” the first quarry of his savagery. Unsure of what was transpiring between them and this maniac the individual did their best to engage Elliot in a diplomatic manner. This quickly led to Steve Elliot, chief of the DOJ’s counter-cannabis operations at Toke of the Town, maliciously attacking the next prey of his rampage. He has continued to harass the second victim of his tirade over the weekend and now on Sunday 19, 2012 it has progressed to the point where this person has shut down their FB profile, page and their blog, which is used as a tool for promotion if this persons online business. Steve Elliot is ruthlessly exploiting his position as Editor of Toke of the Town to wage this war, his personal vendetta, against honest, kind and good people who work towards the same goal as Steve Elliot professes, which, is the legalization of cannabis and the end to the failed policies of cannabis prohibition.

It appears that Allen St. Pierre’s comments hit closer to Steve Elliot’s, editor of Toke of the Town,  front door step and now we see a nearly month long temper tantrum that appears to be a smoke screen that Steve Elliot is using to divert attention from himself. Why would he need to expend so much energy and take it upon himself to demonize disabled cannabis patients unless he himself was a charlatan defrauding the medical marijuana industry and cannabis patients alike?

Steve Elliot and his vicious attacks on cannabis patients and fellow activists in a power mad Facebook rampage, to me, proves that he has something to hide about his true reasons for being a part of cannabis industry. It is my opinion that he has no valid reason for this malicious attack other than greed, megalomania and a need to hide his defrauding of the medical marijuana industry and its patients.


About TriXteR Phillips

Founder and Jack-of-all-Trades at Stand Up and Speak Out a volunteer organization devoted to providing the public with safe, legal, and supportive events on 4-20 to help bring public attention to the need to end cannabis prohibition for all humanity. Founder, Admin, Blogger, and Jack-of-all-Trades at TriXteR Phillips: A Poison Thorn in Prohibition's Side.
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28 Responses to Steve Elliot Viciously Wars on Cannabis Patients Through His Toke of the Town Might

  1. Mike says:

    Steve is nothing more thsn a bully.

    He likes to talk tough but in person hes a total coward.

    Like all bullys its only a matter of time until someone stands up to him and he knows it!

  2. RayRay says:

    I don’t know if I agree with some of Jeff’s points but i’ve been watching for many months Steve posting attack comments on anyone that doesn’t kiss his ass on his FB pages, anyone with any sort of spirituality, anyone who is Libertarian, anyone non-atheist and anyone else he decides to hate for that particular day. Anyone who says anything against one of his points is ‘a piece of shit’ or an ‘asshole’. He will say ‘hit the road’ ‘ill block your sorry ass’ to anyone who disagrees. I watched him tear into a guy and his wife after a bizarre back and forth which Steve called for the target of his rampage to suck dicks – over and over?! I ran across that one while doing a search on Steve – he has it saved for all to see – like some kind of trophy! Then an army of mindless drones who support him come out of the woodwork every time he talks shit about someone. This guy is devisive for the MJ movement and possibly a sociopath. I also think he may be a shill for the right to try and disrupt and divide the MJ movement from within.

  3. Steve is against I-502 because of its DUI provisions. Instead of taking into consideration that more than likely a DUI provision would be amended by legislators before too long anyway, he’s virtually arguing the case for dragging on the War on Drugs with all the damage it would inflict on innocent people in the meantime!
    He’s working against the dynamics that will eventually end drug prohibition in the entire U.S.
    Steve is conceited. Another brick in the wall.

  4. Note to Trixter Phillips: I tell dumb-ass pigfuckers like yourself to SUCK MY DICK as I see fit.

    • RayRay says:

      This douche is taking a harder fall than Val Kilmer after the doors. Someone is gonna fuck this dude up pretty soon.

  5. Funny how the clueless owner of this blog can call me a “fuckbag” in the illustration accompanying the post, yet CENSOR my comment when I rightly called Sarah a clueless (Censored by TriXteR Phillips).

    Double standards, anyone? Lame-ass pretender wanna-be, anyone?! ROFLMAO!!!

  6. Sarah says:

    Steve Elliot has proven him self once again the be a (Censored by TriXteR Phillips) the way he handled that one.
    Also I really question how his wife can continue being a sexist pig on his page when he is always flirting with other women. Pretty sad excuse Mr Elliot! and to call him editor of Toke of the Town is a pretty far reach he just steals other articles from reputable pages and put’s it on his page and says by steve elliot which it should say stolen by steve elliot

  7. Mikey says:

    Thumbs down to Trixter! Trixter was actually an early 90’s hair metal band and they sucked too!! Keep it up Steve!

  8. says:

    Mr. Elliott I do not know you but I have read your posts on facebook and i find you to be a very arrogant person and extremely unprofessional , I am not saying this blogger isn’t either but you sir claim to be a professional. ACT LIKE ONE.. And represent with maturity and ACT YOUR AGE. Honestly Mr. Elliott.

    • I thank you for your input on the subject at hand. I will concede to your point and add to what you have said. I am not a professional blogger and I do not make the claim that I am a professional blogger.

  9. being kinda hypocritical aren’t you there Phillips?
    you talk about viciously mean, but by posting this ill informed blog.
    For the couple of years that i have known Steve he is very informed on this subject matter and has been great for the medical mary jane community. If Steve wants to say to someone he thinks they are wrong I do think he has that right to do so.

  10. Chris says:

    Viciously? HAHAHAHAHAHA! hilarious! Words are vicious? You need to get out more.

    Oh yeah… and you spell it NORML not NOMRL. There are other misspellings too but that one was really bad. Use your spell check mr. blogger man.

  11. cherrygirl28 says:

    I know this is a heated debate since this directly effects millions of Americans but the last thing we need is a bunch of fighting especially over Facebook and drama. Right now especially its crucial we get more people focused and on our side before November.

    • This is more than just FB drama. Steve Elliot and his followers have harassed the second person talk about in this article to the point of shutting down their business website, which is part of the way they supplement their income. This is about a wayward and rouge element of our movement abusing their power to fulfill their own twisted need for revenge. This is a case of policing our own as far as I am concerned ma’am.

      I do thank you for your input on this matter of course and I thank you for taking the time to read the article, or part thereof.

      TriXteR Phillips

      • P.S. I would like to add, within the confines of this individual’s right to privacy. This business website was at the time geared towards teaching patients how to best utilize their cannabis medication within food products. Now that it was shut down to protect the persons mental health no one, not even the people that have come to rely on this persons knowledge, can access this knowledge base due to the constant and, leading up to the closing of the website, increasing attacks by Steve Elliot and his fan base. He has not only hurt the individual but the canna-community as a whole within my eyes and mind.

        Thank you again for your time in this matter.

      • cherrygirl28 says:

        I agree its corruption and what should actually be weeded out not a war on patients. My only thought was this was the last kinds of stories we need right now. Unfortunately since money is to be made corruption will be rampant.

        • I will confess, to you because of your willingness to discuss matters, that everything I posted up and to my last comment to your previous was actually me feeding the symptoms of my illness and I will confess, again to you, that I could have and should have found less seething words. I do understand that the lexicon is not something you can agree with but as it is a part of what I deal with, I will leave it as such as a means to reference my own misguided behavior. A lesson on how not to express one’s self when dealing with such matters.

          I do think that our dialog can be the best counter example of how one should try to deal with such issues to my example of a less than productive means. I encourage any other feedback you care to give on corruption in the industry or, even, how you feel I could have addressed this subject in a constructive manner and I would hearing your thoughts.

      • RayRay says:

        Thanks for taking that sack of trash on Trixster!

    • After talking with a close friend, they helped me see the value of your advice and I wanted to apologize for being so resistant to your advice. You are correct that there are far more important matters that need focused on and I will drop the issue. Thank you for your wisdom and advice in this matter.

  12. Steve Elliott says:

    Yeah, wow, that really must be it, LOL! 😀

    Look at all those mean old fuck-bags like Elliott doing really bad stuff, and of course Only You can see the vast black-ops conspiracy!

    Such genius! Such insight! Clearly a mental giant is at work here.

    Oh, and look! One blogger “likes” this post! Who could it be? Well, darn it, it’s just the author of the post himself. Guess he recognizes his own genius, doesn’t he? Well, that’s nice, I guess…

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