“Drug warrior Jason Grellner accidentally makes a great point.”

Jason Grellner, current Vice President of National Narcotics Officers Association and Past-President of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association, is an entrenched Drug Warrior who works for Franklin County Sheriff’s Office as it’s Unit Commander of Franklin County Narcotics and lobbyist who testifies at hearings and publicly speaks for maintaining cannabis prohibition in his spare time, asks a lot of questions in this clip and at the same time he inadvertently makes a great argument for legalizing cannabis.


Jason Grellner: “…this is medicine, why are we so worried about where we put these dispensaries?  Are there laws in this state about a Walgreens being next to a school, or a CVS, or a Rite Aid, or a Schnucks?”

“Is there any laws about that?”

“If this is truly medicine, what are you worried about?”

“Why does it matter how close it is to a school or a daycare, if this is medicine?”

Unfortunately, you can tell by the condescending tone in Mr. Grellner’s voice that he did not intend to ironically make the case for legalization of marijuana but that doesn’t stop advocates for legalization from using the power of his words to our advantage. (As I did when leaving out the first word he utters in this clip, which incidentally is the word ‘if.’)

 If interested, you can check out Mr. Grellner’s full testimony against Missouri HB 800, which, if passed by Missouri’s state legislature and signed by its governor, would set up the Missouri Compassionate Care Act.

Incidentally, despite Mr. Grellner’s testimony, “[t]he House Emerging Issues Committee approved HB 800, which would legalize medical cannabis and create a very tightly regulated system for its cultivation and distribution, with a “Do Pass” recommendation,” as reported by Amber Iris Langston.


About TriXteR Phillips

Founder and Jack-of-all-Trades at Stand Up and Speak Out a volunteer organization devoted to providing the public with safe, legal, and supportive events on 4-20 to help bring public attention to the need to end cannabis prohibition for all humanity. Founder, Admin, Blogger, and Jack-of-all-Trades at TriXteR Phillips: A Poison Thorn in Prohibition's Side.
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