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\m/> TriXteR Phillips: The Stoner Loner and Renegade Rapscallion<\m/

High Dear and Valued Reader:

TriXteR Phillips typing at you, and I thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and peruse the blog posts. I wanted to share a bit about myself to help shed light and context on the mixed bag that contains my personas.

Where to start with all this and, I suppose just as importantly, where do I end this entry?

Decisions, decisions, but a general overview at this point should suffice. In addition to being a self-professed stoner loner and reengage rapscallion, whatever in the hell that means (sounds kicks ass though), I am also someone suffering from multiple, chronic – yet undiagnosed and untreated —  physical, mental, and emotional issues. This leads to a very mixed bag of attitudes, temperaments, mind-sets, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to name but a few of the aspects that can and will complicate my life if I allow such things to verge into the realm of negativity.

Besides my internal dual role as arch-nemesis and anti-hero of the movie playing in my mind, I also research, write, and poorly edit for the blog as well as maintain the graphics and site you are visiting at this very moment.

I started, yet let fall to the wayside, the volunteer organization SUSO to facilitate the Stand Up and Speak Out movement/concept as well as wrote and produced one episode of Grass-Roots Radio Active Marijuana, both of which you can read more about on the blog.

If time permits, I will add “About” pages for both of those projects to the About Me menu section of the site, but that will probably be after accomplishing more in relation to those endeavors.

A Quick About TriXteR Phillips the Blog:

I started this blog initially to disseminate my writings but as time progressed and progresses, I see that there is a need, at the grass-roots level for something more that is required of this blog and thereby myself. That need is to provide resources for new cannabis advocates to learn, from success and from failure, and to share, as best I can, the wisdom of far more experienced activists than I. That is all in addition to my attempt to provide the most accurate and up to date information with each specific article.

Having said all that I am a shit disturber by nature and I do and will make mistakes related to that behavior, which can also be a great boon to my efforts as a person. This can and this will creep into the blog, at times it will be blatantly obvious on some posts as to what I achieved in my endeavors, while others not so much.

Whether it is a case triumph or tragedy with any token article, I thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog and read my digital scribbles.


TriXteR Phillips


Cannabis legalization is not about one person, one class of person, one local government, one state or provincial government, or one nation! Cannabis legalization is about one plant and all peoples being liberated from government oppression and repression of the human right to consume cannabis.


Founder and Jack-of-all-Trades @ Stand Up and Speak Out a volunteer organization devoted to providing the public with safe, legal, and supportive events on 4-20 to help bring public attention to the need to end cannabis prohibition for all humanity.

Founder, Admin, Blogger, and Jack-of-all-Trades @https://trixterphillips.wordpress.com/

Member and Admin @ http://420Boards.org/ A medical cannabis & cannabis activism forum, with classic arcade & live chat


Warning–any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/ or the comments made about my photo’s or any other “picture” art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.


I will edit comments content or delete the entirety of a comment as I see fit.


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