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St. Louis Missouri, Gateway to the Legalization. Grassroots Radio Active Marijuana’s Mission 1. G.R.A.M.’s Purpose: Informing Missourians about cannabis’ benefits opposed to prohibition’s harms, highlighting and humanize the cannabis consumer, and inspiring citizens into taking action to repeal marijuana prohibition. 2. G.R.A.M.’s Business: Providing relevant news, accurate information, scientific research, thought provoking interviews, alternative frames of mind, and leadership to activate Missourians into legalizing marijuana. 3. G.R.A.M.’s Values: Marijuana legalization core values are; public education, community involvement, grassroots activism, and human interaction. For questions, comments, suggestions and hate mail contact, TriXteR Phillips via

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“Drug warrior Jason Grellner accidentally makes a great point.”

Jason Grellner, current Vice President of National Narcotics Officers Association and Past-President of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association, is an entrenched Drug Warrior who works for Franklin County Sheriff’s Office as it’s Unit Commander of Franklin County Narcotics and lobbyist who testifies at … Continue reading

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TriXteR Phillips answers DJ Lux’s blunt question about legalizing marijuana in Missouri

Lux: “Colorado [legalized marijuana for adult recreational use]…should we? Mayor Slay wants to know….whatever your stance take 5 min to complete the poll!”

TriXteR: “Lux, the short answer to your question is the following; emphatically and unequivocally, fuck yes!” Continue reading

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Kansas City Internation Airport Marijuana Grow

On Saturday July 17th 2011 at 4 am Platte County Sheriff’s SWAT conducted a raid on what was described as a “clandestine marijuana grow” operation located on the Kansas City International Airport property accessible only by a three mile off-road … Continue reading

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Community Activist Christ Welliver Dies at 59

Well known for her dedication and well respected by her colleagues and peers Columbia Missouri born and reared activist, advocate for the disabled, multiple sclerosis suffer, medical marijuana patient and legalization activist, close friend and dear family member now remembered … Continue reading

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Re-Frame of Mind

  Let us face the facts, the stigma of burnout, loser, addict, and criminal are merely a few of the stereotypes that liable cannabis consumers and impede legalization. These misconceptions will persist until the majority of cannabis consumers stop hiding … Continue reading

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The Four Twenty Minute: Legalization Catch-22

The majority of recreational cannabis consumers are content to take their chances with the law instead of choosing to change the laws, hiding in the shadows out of the line of site from the well-armed and well-funded drug warriors fighting … Continue reading

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Cannabis Break Down: Cannabis 101

Although I am new to cannabis reform activism, I am not new to the experience of its use. I started consuming when I was about 19 or 20 and I am now 35 so that gives me about 15 years … Continue reading

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