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Vigils is reserved for the Victims of this War not on Drugs but on Humanity, this page is dedicated to our friends and family members made casualties, whether it be incarceration or life lost, by marijuana prohibition and the War on Drugs.

Ken Unger Medical Marijuana Trial Update 11-09-2012

High Friends: I talked with Ken tonight and I want to inform you that the prosecutors offered his a plea. The offer was to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and pay a 300-dollar fine. Ken literally does not have the … Continue reading

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Jose Guerena

It was one year ago today that Jose Guerena, an inactive duty Marine and active duty father, was brutally and tragically gunned down in his own home by Pima Co. Arizona SWAT serving a no-knock drug raid, which, by the way, never turned up any drugs during this home invasion that turned into homicide.
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Kenneth Unger

Attention: Ken Unger’s Trial Date: Tuesday November 13 2012 at 9 am Follow this link”Handicapped Vet. Ken Unger’s Medical Marijuana Trial” to find out more information if you would like to attend his trial and show Ken and this community … Continue reading

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