Ken Unger: A Year After Victory

November 13, 2013 marks the one-year anniversary since Ken Unger, my friend and hero, won his two-year, two-month legal battle against the draconian criminal justice system that enforces the failed and futile laws of cannabis prohibition. Continue reading

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Either legalization, regulation, and taxation or incarceration, rehabilitation, and reeducation

[Editors Note: This is the original version of the article I submitted as a contribution to for its satirical site Smart Approaches 2 Marijuana that spoofs SAM a newly established marijuana prohibition organization. This is the article I contributed to, “Either lock up potheads or force rehab them“, this is the article I spoofed “Neither legalization nor incarceration“.]

Tomorrow, voters in three states will vote on legalization of marijuana. For all Americans the legalization of marijuana presents a net benefit to society, especially those dealing with serious addiction denied access to or forced out of a drug rehabilitation center to make room for cannabis consumers needlessly forced into rehab by Drug Courts. Americans are now coming to understand the agricultural, industrial, medicinal, and recreational properties of the cannabis plant and that individuals can utilize this plant while maintaining civic, social, fiscal, and familial responsibilities. For others, this knowledge about marijuana’s benefits represents a serious problem when your goal is to maintain cannabis prohibition, which is the reason why I’ve elected to over exaggerate the minimal number of potential relatively minor harms posed by cannabis to claim all use of cannabis is serious health and social issue. I was senior advisor at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and this was the problem we in the Obama Administration faced when we put together the President’s first drug strategy: What do we do about the impending legalization of marijuana? Do we manufacture a “marijuana problem” like Anslinger, Nixon, Reagan, and many other prohibitionists before us have done to maintain these failed policies? The unanimous answer was a resoundingly emphatic yes!

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Ken Unger Medical Marijuana Trial Update 11-09-2012

High Friends:

I talked with Ken tonight and I want to inform you that the prosecutors offered his a plea. The offer was to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and pay a 300-dollar fine. Ken literally does not have the heart to press on due to the double bypass heart surgery coupled with the stress this legal witch-hunt. He is accepting the plea offer, though it pains him to take the deal he must think of his health and his family.

Ken wants to extend his heartfelt appreciation and thank you to everyone for their time, effort, support, and compassion and for standing with him as he faced the forces of prohibition.

Thank you all for everything you have done.


TriXteR Phillips

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Missouri’s Marijuana Community Must Come Together for Medical Marijuana Patient Ken Unger.

Ken Unger Medical Marijuana Trial Update 11-09-2012

While advocating for Ken Unger recently I discovered that the lack of support from established activists, advocates, and organizations within Missouri is due, in part, to his outspoken nature and public criticisms of Show-Me Cannabis Regulation. This is terribly disconcerting to me as an activist and as a consumer, this trial is too important to let the forces of prohibition attain a guilty verdict against Ken. A verdict of not guilty or an instance of jury nullification is not only a strategic victory – that will set precedent in Missouri courts – but, more importantly, it will be a personal victory for a victim of the War on Drugs – that on the grandest scale is victory for all humanity. Although time is running desperately short there is still time for Missourians of all walks to pull together and act on Ken’s behalf.

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Anti-Legalization Lawyers Get More Desperate with Only Three Weeks Left Before the Election.

[Editor’s Opinion: Watching portions of the “The 2nd Great I-502 Debate” video  in silent movie fashion I find that this poorly played scene of drunken good cop, played by Steinborn a lawyer, and drunk off his ego bad cop, played by Hiatt a lawyer, reminded me of why I never liked NYPD Blue, because it was shit. To me this “man,” Hiatt, is so utterly vile I can only tolerate a few moments of his mouth moving – probably due to my PTSD.

Personally, I find that the core of Hiatt’s and his cohorts’ arguments are based on false premises, or what I like to call lies, combined with fallacious arguments, or what I like to call bullshit. By the way, it certainly is one big ass shovel Hiatt uses to pile up the lies and bullshit, which is why I am glad he wrote an op-ed published by The Olympian. This condensed soup version of the typical verbal diarrhea is easier to digest – although it still tastes like and leaves the taste of shit in your mind – facilitating the process of converting this mental fecal matter into a palatable and coherent form for you the valued reader.]

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The Forgotten Patients of Washington State and the Graphic Truth

[Editor’s Note: Article’s Genesis There are potheads who reference Gil Kerlikowske’s push to implement a national 5ng/mL whole blood THC per say DUI threshold, they say he approves of I-502 because it contains a whole blood active THC threshold of 5ng/mL – the Director of the ONDCP is actually pushing for 0ng/mL threshold but that is beside the point. These statements ignore the fact that it is this man’s primary job to maintain marijuana prohibition. That is why I made this graphic and posted it to Facebook. Which, elicited a comment response from Rhone and I feel duty-bound to address these remarks. My blog is a better media to reply than Facebook, and that is why you are now reading this article.]

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I-502, marijuana is the new hemp, and the facts with a side order of opinion.

This article focuses on the truth as a tool for No on I-502 and those associated with it who wish to use it to strengthen their misinformation, half-truths, and lies put forth by  the proponents of No on I-502 as basis for their opposition, which you will clearly see in the following text.

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