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Semantics Break-Up Cannabis Legalization Efforts

I’ve seen a number of post over the last few months in which people say they do not favor ‘legalization,’ instead they want to ‘repeal prohibition.’ To add to this, folks who suggest that to ‘repeal prohibition’ is the only true means to set the plant and its consumers free, while ‘legalization’ is just a capitalist trap. Continue reading

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Snack for Thought: Seeing Past Cannabis Legalization

I look forward to the day when cannabis activists, advocates, and ambassadors no long need waste their time fighting the ultimately futile, waywardly destructive and willfully inhumane policies of cannabis prohibition so that these worldly-wise, intensely passionate, and steadfastly earnest … Continue reading

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TriXteR Phillips answers DJ Lux’s blunt question about legalizing marijuana in Missouri

Lux: “Colorado [legalized marijuana for adult recreational use]…should we? Mayor Slay wants to know….whatever your stance take 5 min to complete the poll!”

TriXteR: “Lux, the short answer to your question is the following; emphatically and unequivocally, fuck yes!” Continue reading

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Either legalization, regulation, and taxation or incarceration, rehabilitation, and reeducation

In the Not-Obama Administration, we determined that a policy of marijuana legalization would pose too many risks to the profitability and viability of economic sectors such as the police and prison unions, private prison industry, prescription drug industry, the petroleum and plastics industries, and the newly emerging powerhouse the drug rehabilitation industry currently reaping the benefits of marijuana prohibition. We asked ourselves, “Do the known and potential benefits of legalization outweigh the potential risks to these unions and industries fiscal incentives and profit margins based of the confinement and enslavement of human beings?” After reviewing and then ignoring the evidence that marijuana is a relatively safe, non-toxic recreational substance and medication the does not need FDA approval, the answer we came to was an emphatic no. Indeed, we mistakenly claim we can retool and ramp up the worst part of our current laws without increasing the harms of prohibition while somehow magically ending the consumption of marijuana. Continue reading

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Missouri’s Marijuana Community Must Come Together for Medical Marijuana Patient Ken Unger.

Ultimately, Missourians were not able to vote for legalization this election year and win that grand victory, although, we can still come together and help Ken win this grand victory within Missouri’s courts for Ken, his family, cannabis consumers, and humanity. Continue reading

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Socialism, Capitalism, and Cannabis

Those that decry Socialized Health Care as the gateway to Communism often overlook the problems with Capitalized Health Care.

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Steve Elliot Viciously Wars on Cannabis Patients Through His Toke of the Town Might

Steve Elliot, editor of the online publication Toke of the Town, uses his journalistic might to wage an all-out war on cannabis patients and activists in a megalomaniacal tirade over a benign comment on Facebook about his and Warren Edson’s … Continue reading

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