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Overall Good Arguments for Marijuana Legalization Sullied by Ronald Reagan Quote

I just finished reading an article online titled “Escalate the War on Drugs? A Conservative Response” written by conservative author, Howard Rahtz. In this article Rahtz offers several good points relating to a 10th Amendment argument for state rights to … Continue reading

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Snack for Thought: Seeing Past Cannabis Legalization

I look forward to the day when cannabis activists, advocates, and ambassadors no long need waste their time fighting the ultimately futile, waywardly destructive and willfully inhumane policies of cannabis prohibition so that these worldly-wise, intensely passionate, and steadfastly earnest … Continue reading

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Blunt Reply To The Marijuana Question

The internet, from entertainment personalities, to politicians, to news outlets, to blogs, social websites and beyond, is ablaze with a provocative question that’s hot on everyone’s lips. Continue reading

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Either legalization, regulation, and taxation or incarceration, rehabilitation, and reeducation

In the Not-Obama Administration, we determined that a policy of marijuana legalization would pose too many risks to the profitability and viability of economic sectors such as the police and prison unions, private prison industry, prescription drug industry, the petroleum and plastics industries, and the newly emerging powerhouse the drug rehabilitation industry currently reaping the benefits of marijuana prohibition. We asked ourselves, “Do the known and potential benefits of legalization outweigh the potential risks to these unions and industries fiscal incentives and profit margins based of the confinement and enslavement of human beings?” After reviewing and then ignoring the evidence that marijuana is a relatively safe, non-toxic recreational substance and medication the does not need FDA approval, the answer we came to was an emphatic no. Indeed, we mistakenly claim we can retool and ramp up the worst part of our current laws without increasing the harms of prohibition while somehow magically ending the consumption of marijuana. Continue reading

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Ken Unger Medical Marijuana Trial Update 11-09-2012

High Friends: I talked with Ken tonight and I want to inform you that the prosecutors offered his a plea. The offer was to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and pay a 300-dollar fine. Ken literally does not have the … Continue reading

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I-502, legalization, Class C felony amounts permitted, and the facts with a dash of opinion.

The misinformation, half-truths, and lies put forth by I-502’s opposition abound throughout the assertions and arguments put forth as reasons for vehemently opposing the passage of I-502. One of the most insidious of these is the lie that I-502 will … Continue reading

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Is No on I-502’s “Important Resources” webpage an honest mistake or a blatant lie?

My verdict is that this is a blatant lie constructed to obscure the facts of I-502 to hide the truth of what this bill will do when passed by presenting the reader with “important information,” in this case important misinformation, which unjustly maligns I-502 while unfairly and falsely bolstering the claims of those associated with No on I-502. Continue reading

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